Jan 9, 2010

Bus Ade Bayor Fired By Armed Gang In Cabina, Angola

Bus Ade Bayor fired by armed gangs when the group boarded the bus that Ade Bayor with Togo's national team traveled to Angola, where the African Cup was held. As a result of the attack bus was boarded by Ade Bayor and Togo national team, 1 person was killed and 9 others were injured. Ade Bayor was deeply shocked and, still crying saying Togo likely will resign from the World Cup event.

The bus convoy was attacked Togo national team, while across the province of Cabinda. The players had to stoop to the floor of the bus with a face full of fear. The assault occurred during the 30 minutes. Togo national team players, goalkeeper Kodjovi Obilale and Serge Akakpo victims injured in the attack carried out by gangs who use headgear.

Adebayor concerns over security in Angola reverberated around the world, but organizers said the tournament will still take place. They asked all the team travel schedule, to prepare for security.

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